5 Fall Trends Autumn has arrived

5 Fall Trends

octubre 04, 2017

Fall Trends

Summer was fun but snuggle weather is around the corner, Autumn has arrived with layers and pumpkin spice. Now I know you guys love to stay up to date with the latest fashion styles and there for know that this coming season has got major trends coming with it too. Lucky Stefano Di Roma understands too and launched a new collection just in time!

Velvet or Suede Accessories

That’s right it is not just for the movies. This soft texture gives your look depth and definitely demands attention. The Drea is perfect booties for a casual night out. For a pop of color and fun, you can’t go wrong with the Zulay booties. Although it isn’t new, while you weren’t looking suede and velvet have been making statements this year. It is soft and sweet kind of like the Greta heels, but she’s got a little more bite to her step. Are you feeling fierce and bold? Then the Emelia platforms can do no wrong. Everyone is going to want to touch

Velvet or Suede Accessories


Five words is all I got to say. Denim is the new black. It just goes well with absolutely anything and everything. Wear it with lace in the Crisarit jeans or with florals like the Eunice jeans. You could look chic and artsy or savvy and grunge. Denim is so versatile we might just wear it all summer long too especially with the Astria dress or the sassy Jacqueline. We just can’t get enough.

Metallic details

2017 isn’t just another year, this is a pilgrimage to a new fashionable world made out of chrome and shiny looks good on us. Revamp your look this fall and make an electric statement with the Salome long sleeve. Can’t forget the Julieta, these pants are so fresh and sweet, we have been dying to rock pink. We’re never taking the Adriana leggings off, Don’t even think about it. Shy? Don’t be! Rock out with metallic tones this fall. If you’re feeling confident go for the Wika pants and break away from the crowd.

Metallic details


The 90s aren’t just alive in Portland by December everyone is going to have patches adorning their clothes and accessories. The Annelie tennis are a nice way to introduce them into your wardrobe, wear them at school or a night out in town. Feeling the bad girl vibe? Pair the Yolanda with the Catalina joggers for a perfect look. The Andrea blousecan be pair with just about anything and it just screams fun and sass. Don’t forget about wearing them on your denim… In case you did the Kiriat vest is here to save the day!

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